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Little Hearts

we kept beating

Through the donations of well-wishers from across the world, the Foundation is able to carry-out life-saving heart surgeries for children suffering from congenital heart diseases in Sri Lanka.

Read the stories of the children who received the gift of a brand-new heart, completely free of cost.

Ransilu Damketh is five years old. He is youngest of three children, and his father works for a small hotel.


Ransilu was diagnosed with CHD when he was 1 1/2 years. As he had low immunity, he was not sent to school and needed urgent surgery for OS ASD device closure.


Little Ransilu was the first patient of the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in Batticaloa.  

Mohammad Yahiya is three years old.


His father is a showroom supervisor, and mother is a home maker.


When he was two years old, he was diagnosed with CHD and has been through many illnesses and hospitalisation in his short life as even a simple fever would put him in hospital with shortness of breath.


Little Yahiya turned three on the 20th of September in the ICU of the Sanjeevani Hospital, just four days after he was gifted an early birthday present of a strong new heart.


Sanuli Imansha is three years and ten months. Her mother is a postmaster and her father is a postman.


She was diagnosed with CHD when she was 1 1/2 months old, and her parents were informed that surgery was necessary before the child turned five.


During a routine echo in July 2022, the parents were advised that she had to undergo the surgery urgently. They were desperate to have the little one operated upon, and were willing to sell everything they had to save their child’s life. They were elated to hear of the new Sanjeevani Hospital in the East. 

Nethmi Samasha, a fifteen year old hailing from Gampaha was diagnosed with CHD after COVID in November 2021.


The only child of a single income family, Nethmi's brilliant academic performance suffered under her diagnosis. All she wanted was to return to school and live her life as usual, without the illness that left her unable to carry her schoolbag without becoming breathless.

She has fully recovered and is studying hard for her Ordinary Level Examination next year.


Mithum Melan was three years and ten months when he was sent to Raipur for surgery. 

Although he was shortlisted for surgery in September at the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital, Batticaloa due to being unwell, his surgery was postponed.

In November of 2022, he alongside two other patients were sponsored to be sent to India with one guardian each. He made a swift recovery and several friends during his time in India. 

Aiza Fathima was 04 years old when she underwent surgery in Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital, Raipur.

A shy sweetheart, she soon made friends with little Gabrielle from Nigeria during her stay and took up the hobby of drawing to pass the time. 

Patients leaving for Raipur (Aiza).jpg

Love All
Serve All

As the children were discharged, the hospital was filled with loving applause and hearty congratulations, not just from those related to the patients, but from the dozens of staff both from the Sanjeevani Hospital and the surrounding hospitals that supported, members of the Foundation and well-wishers who celebrated the gift of life as if the child were their own; for

each child that enters the Sanjeevani Hospital becomes part of  one family.

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