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What  We Do

Learn more about the three pillars of our work and what it entails



Although Sri Lanka is one of the few countries that offer free healthcare, public hospitals are often under the strain of a lack of sufficient resources to meet the needs of all the patients.


When financial difficulty is present, private healthcare is not an option, leaving many people with little to no protection over their health. However, we at the Sri Sathya Sai Karuna Nilayam Foundation believe that every life is valuable, regardless of its level of income.


Thus, by offering our services through opening a health clinic, providing medication and other facilities and funding treatments for individuals, we can ensure that the community has access to free, reliable healthcare.

Social Care

Contributing to society ultimately impacts the individuals it is made up of.


The Sri Sathya Sai Karuna Nilayam Foundation works towards strengthening the community in the Batticaloa area in a way that would benefit them.


From conducting seminars and programs with the aim of educating and training skilled individuals in order to broaden future employment opportunities to providing meals and other basic facilities free of charge in order to help them make it through the day, we ensure that the community can receive the support they need to build themselves in a healthy environment and progress into the larger society as independent individuals.



Sri Lanka offers free education to all its citizens; however, many public schools lack the maintenance and resources that are usually easily available in private schools.


With a financial situation that is out of their control, these students have no choice but to continue studying in impoverished schools.

This being the case, the Foundation’s aim was to give young students in the area the same opportunities and facilities that income would otherwise deprive them of.


From renovating the existing facilities and conducting teacher’s training programs to providing breakfast supplements and stationery, we believe investing in the betterment of their education can prove to build stepping stones towards a better life.

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